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Wireless RF Remote Kit

Wireless RF Remote Kit

The wireless RF (radio frequency) remote kit is a very convenient way to have the ultimate flexibility with the operation of your QuietCool fan. Each RF Remote Kit can be connected to all QuietCool whole house fans, attic fans, and garage fans.

Pro Attic Fan QuietCool

Pro Gable Attic Fan

The AFG PRO-3.0 is the big boy of the QuietCool attic fan line. This unit pulls in a whopping 3,000 CFM! The AFG PRO-3.0 is designed for larger attics that need more power than the typical big box attic fans are capable of bringing.

Stealth Pro 4.8 QuietCool

Stealth Pro Line

The ultra-high efficiency Stealth Pro line of QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans have energy consumption as low as 55 watts and a 15-year warranty.